Thursday December 12,2019

Housing Loan

Making and moving into your dream home in reality is now quick and easy with our Housing Loan.

We have a dedicated team of experts having in-depth domain knowledge, customized relationship management support and a complete package to meet all your housing loan needs. In the market where the basic products are largely similar, the differentiator is our ability to understand your need completely and structure the eligibility and loan amount appropriately.

Features of Housing Loan

  • Attractive & competitive interest rate
  • Quick and transparent loan processing
  • Flexible loan tenure up to 20 years
  • Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) payment solution
  • Interest is charged on the reduced principal outstanding
  • Moratorium period of up to 12 months for building construction
  • Loan processing from wide range of branch networks
  • Personal counseling throughout the process
  • Simplified documentation
  • Insurance options to cover your home loan at attractive premium

Preview of Loan:

Purpose Loan Amount Loan Tenure Financing Terms

Land Purchase

Up to NPR 30 million

Up to 20 Years

80% of Distress Value of the Property or 60% of FMV. In case of Kathmandu Valley, it is 50% of FMV.

Land & Building Purchase

Up to NPR 30 million

Up to 20 Years

80% of Distress Value of the Property or 60% of FMV. In case of Kathmandu Valley, it is 50% of FMV


Up to NPR 30 million

Up to 20 Years

Up to 100% of the construction cost **


Up to NPR 10 million

Up to 20 Years

Up to 60% of FMV 

Loan Takeover

Up to NPR 30 million

Up to 20Years

80% of Distress Value of the Property or 60% of FMV. In case of Kathmandu Valley, it is 50% of FMV

However, our financing shall not be more than 60% of Purchase Price/Fair Market Value as assessed by the Bank’s Valuator whichever is lower and In case of Kathmandu Valley, it is to be restricted to 50% of purchase price or FMV or as per latest NRB guidelines.

** If the value of land is adequate enough, we can also finance up to 100% of the construction cost.

Required Documentation Checklist

1. Identification

  • Photograph (2 copies each)
  • Citizenship and/or Passport
  • Relationship Certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank (deposit & loan) account statement of at least 6 months
  • Firm/Company Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • PAN/VAT Certificate (If applicable)
  • Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) (if applicable)
  • Partnership Deed (if applicable)
  • PAN Certificate (Loan amount equal or above 1 Crore)
  • PAN Certificate of the individual (for Loan amount above NPR 10 million)
  • Location Map (Residence & Office)

2. Security/Collateral

  • Land Ownership Certificate (Lalpurja)
  • Rajinama or Bakaspatra or Ansha-banda
  • Malpot Receipt
  • Tax clearance of building
  • Blue Print and trace map
  • Char Killa Pramanit
  • Approved house map
  • Nirman Sampanna Patra
  • Ghar Kayam in Lalpurja in case of existence of house

3. Income Source

  • Salary certificate
  • Rental agreement (If any) along with tenant’s identification
  • Audited financials of last 2 fiscal years (If business income)
  • Pension Certificate ( Patta)
  • Copy of renewed/valid blue book of vehicle along with route permit (If income is from commercial vehicle)
  • Salary certificate, work permit, valid passport with visa, pay slip and bank account statement (If income is from foreign employment)

4 Other Requirements

Copy of Land Ownership Certificate of residential house (where ever applicable)

Terms & Conditions

  • Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) of the borrower should not exceed 80% of the borrower’s Uncommitted monthly income (UMI) (i.e. net saving after all expenses except EMI)
  • Disclosed income must be substantiated by the transaction volume of the bank account
  • In-case of existence of building or construction financing, the building to be insured against Fire, Earthquake, terrorism, etc as applicable with the Banker’s Clause for full value
  • The property proposed for the mortgage should have at least 8 feet wide motor able access. if the property is 1 ropani or above in area 10 feet wide motor able access is required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


Fees & Charges

Particulars Charges

Loan Administration Fee

0.75% of the loan amount

Commitment Fee

1% of the unutilized limit

Prepayment Fee

2% on amount prepaid if prepaid within a year and 1% on amount prepaid if prepaid after 1 year.

2% of outstanding in case the loan is taken over by other Banks or FIs

Valuation Charge

0.125% of Fair Market Value or NPR 5,000 whichever is higher

Penal Charge

Penal interest




Principal Default


@ 3% p.a. for overdue principal amount for delayed


Interest Default


@ 15% p.a. for overdue interest amount for delayed

CIC Charge

On Actual Basis

Late Payment Fee

NPR 500 each in case of principal and/or interest default


Age of applicant/co-applicant should be minimum 18 years at the time of loan origination and maximum age at the time of loan maturity can be 65/75 years

  • All individuals having sufficient level of income to repay EMIs.
  • Salaried individual - Should be in permanent service
  • Self Employed individual – Business should be at least 2 years in commercial operation
  • The plot should have at least 8 feet wide road with motor able access
  • The plot should be free from Guthi and/or Mohi
  • The plot should be far away from high tension line
  • Third party collateral is not acceptable