Saturday April 04,2020

Notice FY 2070-71

Amendments on notice published earlier for System Center 2012


Please find amendments for the notice published earlier on Quotation called for System Center 2012. Terms and Conditions are valid as it was published earlier.

Centralized Monitoring system: Microsoft System Center

  • System Center Data Center SNGL LiSAPK MvL 2 PRO - 1 unit System
  • Center Data Center Media Kit set - 1 unit
  • SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML 2012 SNGL OLP NL PerOSE - 5 units
  • SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk MVL PerOSE - 1 units
  • SysCtrEndpntPrtctn SNGL SubsVL MVL PerDVC - 5 units

Installation and Service cost for the following Tasks --

  • Installation and configuration of System Center Configuration and Operation Manager in the server.
  • Deployment of Configuration Manager Client and Operation Manager Agent for few branches as a pilot implementation.
  • Installation and Configuration of Endpoint Protection Antivirus Server for 5 units of computers as a pilot project.

Scope for the deployment at client/ server end are:

  • Features to push windows patches and configurations to individual machines or groups of machines
  • Centralized inventory management of hardware, network, compliance etc.
  • Software Metering
  • Centralized Management of software distribution and Operating System Deployment
  • Desired configuration management
  • Remote administration of computers
  • Centralized Management of Endpoint Protection Antivirus server
  • Out of the band Management
  • CPU , Memory and Hard Disk monitoring
  • Network monitoring including Routers, Switches, interfaces, ports, VLANS
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Activity logs and Audit Trails
  • Others