Tuesday April 07,2020

News FY 2075-76

Launch of Nabil Visa Cash Back Scheme

Nabil Bank is pleased to announce the launch of Nabil Visa Cash Back Scheme aimed to its Visa Cardholders. The Scheme is designed to provide 10% cash back as detailed below.

10% Cash Back Scheme: Under this scheme any Nabil Bank Visa cardholder (debit/credit/pre-paid) will get cash back of 10% or maximum of NPR 500 (less, applicable TDS of 15%) on single successful usages of his/her card in POS or e-commerce transactions made within Nepal during the scheme period. 

In the scheme there will be no restrictions of minimum purchase amount. Cash back amount earned by each cardholder shall be deposited to their account (in case of debit card) or credit/pre-paid card by next working day after verification and deducting applicable tax amount (TDS 15%). SMS alert for every cash back shall be sent to the customers in their registered mobile number.

The Scheme will remain valid from November 30, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

"I believe this campaign will enhance our cardholder's experience and encourage them to use the card more frequently for sales/e-com transaction and enjoy the convenience of electronic transaction. Diversion of customers from using cash as a mode of payment to card transaction more frequently will also help grow digital banking to the next level which is also in line with Government of Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank’s objective", said CEO of Nabil Bank, Mr. Anil Keshary Shah.

Nabil Bank is a pioneering principal member of Visa International, MasterCard International and UnionPay International in Nepal and issues debit, pre-paid and credit cards and acquires card transactions through its ATM, Point of Sales (POS) & Electronic Payment Gateway network. Nabil is conducting this campaign in association with Visa International.

Nabil Bank has always been in the forefront in adopting new technology and introducing innovative products and services. With the launch of “Nabil Visa Cash Back Scheme” Nabil Bank's Visa cardholders will benefit immensely.