Sunday April 05,2020

News FY 2075-76

Instant Issuance of Travel Medical Insurance with Bank’s Travel related Services

Nabil Bank is pleased to announce implementation of instant issuance of Travel Medical Insurance Policy bundled with Travel Related Services of Nabil Bank Limited. With this service; Bank will now provide travel insurance policy instantly 

through its counters to all interested customers who visit bank for availing travel related services like Visa International Pre-Paid Card, Bank Drafts, and foreign currency exchange. 

This is a completely new concept and Nabil is the first bank to introduce it in Nepalese market. Nabil Bank has partnered with Prabhu Insurance Limited for this service. Customers visiting Nabil Bank for travel related services now will have choice to buy travel medical insurance instantly from bank counter without any hassle.

Travel Medical Insurance is very useful to individuals travelling abroad as it covers an individual in the event of sudden and unexpected sickness or accident during abroad stay and also covers other travel hiccups like loss of checked baggage, passports, travel delay, hijack etc.

"I believe with the bundling of travel insurance services along with our travel related products we will be able to provide our customers one stop solutions for all their travel need. Further this will also help educating individuals travelling abroad about the importance of insurance for having safe and convenient travel. Along with other banking service we have been taking care of our customer’s convenience for their travel abroad and now with insurance service; we will also take care of our customer’s safety. We are excited to partner with Prabhu Insurance Limited for this service “said CEO of Nabil Bank, Mr. Anil Keshary Shah.   

Nabil Bank has always been in the forefront in adopting new technology and introducing innovative products and services. With the launch of this instant policy issuance service Nabil added one more cap in offering something new to the society which is beneficial to all individuals travelling abroad.