Sunday April 05,2020

News FY 2074-75

Nabil Bank’s C – ASBA Services

Nabil bank has introduced Centralized Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (C – ASBA) system. This system enabling customers to apply shares via online in a faster, easier and simpler method. Now the customer can have both the options – visiting a physical branch or online – to submit application for the new IPO/FPO of any public company.

Under the C- ASBA system, customer can approach any Nabil Bank branches to fill up C – ASBA application form and bank provides (CRN) C – ASBA customer registration Number after verification of DEMAT account and bank details.  

The bank is providing services associated with C – ASBA system such as C – ASBA registration, DEMAT account opening, C – ASBA application processing for investment in IPO/FPO, registration for online submission through “Mero Share” etc. The bank is providing all these services to its customer through any branch of the bank without any charges.

Being the first joint venture commercial bank of the country, Nabil Bank has proved as the visionaries of the national banking scene with the support of its diverse customer base. Be it the adaptation of new technology, in size and quality of Balance Sheet, network of its branches & ATMs and the professionally trained workforce dedicated to customer satisfaction - Nabil Bank has always been the leader. The bank is providing the services through widest domestic network of 62 branches, largest ATM network of 104 ATMs and more than 1500 Nabil Remit agents throughout the nation and many correspondents across the globe. The Bank believes in moving “Together Ahead” with all its stakeholders.