Sunday April 05,2020

News FY 2074-75

Nabil ViberBanking Launched

Nabil Bank is pleased to announce the launch of “Nabil ViberBanking” for its customers for the very first time in Nepal. Nabil ViberBanking is chat-bot enabled service integrated with the public account of Nabil Bank on Viber platform. A chat-bot is a service powered by rules and artificial intelligence that one interacts with via a chat interface of Viber.   

By using Nabil ViberBanking, customers of the Bank can access their bank account and perform various activities such as check account balance, mini-statement, check account details, make exchange rate/interest rate queries, etc.

Nabil ViberBanking customers can also obtain the latest news/notices, information about the Banks' branches and ATM locations, banking hour information, information about products/promotions being offered by the Bank. Customers can register themselves for this service through the public account of Nabil Bank, i.e. "Nabil Bank" available on Viber.    

"This service is a milestone in Nepali Banking service which will help promote digital banking to the next level by facilitating online access to customers' accounts enabling them to have their Bank on their finger tip." said CEO of Nabil Bank, Mr. Sashin Joshi. 

Nabil Bank has always been in the forefront in adopting new technology and introducing innovative products and services. With the launch of Nabil ViberBanking customers will benefit immensely, as now they have an additional digital channel available to access their accounts and stay connected with the Bank from the comfort of their homes or offices.