Sunday April 05,2020

News FY 2074-75

Import of USD Cash

Nabil Bank is pleased to announce that it has started importing USD Cash directly to meet the requirement of customers as recently permitted by Nepal Rastra Bank. 

This will help alleviate to a large extent the acute shortage of USD Cash in the market which has greatly inconvenienced Nepalis travelling abroad. Whilst Nabil Bank is already providing prepaid cards in US dollars against passport facilities for travelers, at times, meeting the genuine need of customers who require some amount in cash for use in foreign destinations when use of cards is not convenient or possible, has been a challenge. Customers will now be able to obtain a combination of card and cash as and when required (up to the permitted limit) from Nabil Bank without having to go from bank to bank. This facility will be available from all branches. 

Mr. Sashin Joshi, CEO of Nabil Bank said: “This import will now provide a one-stop shop for meeting the genuine foreign currency requirements of Nabil Bank customers going abroad.”