Friday June 18,2021

Other modes of remittance

Electronic Channel

With the help of electronic channels we transfer your money virtually anywhere in the world with the most reliable communication network system. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication system (SWIFT), one of the dependable & convenient means of transfer funds to any of the foreign banks...

Transferring fund abroad or foreign is never so easy… thus to send money we need to have approval from competent government authority/regulatory body in line with their foreign exchange regulation on case to case basis. Additionally we may send money in line with (E. Pra. No. 555 – for student studying abroad other than India & E. Pra. No. 620 – payment in convertible currency for various purposes) Central Bank regulation.

Bank Draft

We have entered into draft drawing arrangement in various banks in India and abroad. Thus we can draw demand draft to our correspondent banks.

  • Bank Draft - in Indian Currency

We can draw demand draft to the various branches of Standard Chartered Bank, India and ICICI Bank, India.

  • Bank Draft - in Foreign Currency

We can draw the demand drafts on number of its correspondent banks located various part of the world in various currencies other than Canadian Dollar.

Managers Cheque

We issues Managers cheque to make possible local settlement or payments which can be deposited in any account with other banks or in customers account with us.