Friday June 18,2021

Nabil Remit

Send and Receive money in secured and easy way throughout the nation with more than 1,500 service outlets from the low land of Terai to the high land of Hills. We cover the diverse geography of Nepal to facilitate money transfer in urban and rural areas.

Special Benefits

  • Safest way to send and receive money all over the country.
  • Quick and reliable service with the help of modern web based technology.
  • Real time transaction processing.
  • Send and receive money from any of Nabil Bank's branches or authorized agents.
  • 365 days remittance payment solutions.

Steps to send money by Sender/Remitter

  1. Fill up application form to "Send Money "
  2. Provide details to send money that includes Sender's Name & Address, Communication Details, Receiver's Name & Address, Payout Amount, Payout Point (locations)
  3. Deposit money in counter of Nabil Bank's Branches or authorized agents
  4. Sending agent/branch provides 10 digits unique secret code generated by the system
  5. Convey the secret code to the receiver to receive money

Even if you do not have an account with any banks or financial institutions, you can easily send money

Steps to receive money by Receiver

  1. Fill up application form to "Receive Money"
  2. Provide details to receive money that includes Receiver's Name & Address, Communication Details, Sender's Name & Address, Amount to be received
  3. Fill up 10 digits secret code provided by the sender for payment verification
  4. Submit identification document (Citizenship, Passport, Driving License, or any valid Government ID)

Even if you do not have an account with any banks or financial institutions, you can easily receive money.

If you are Nabil Bank’s account holder, you can also deposit the received money in your account.

Download file for more information: Nabil Remit Agent List & Location