Friday June 18,2021

Nabil Share Loan

The stock market is considered as one of the vital part of the capital markets in the economy and to facilitate the same, Nabil Share Loan (NSL) shall be provided to our valued customer against pledge of dematerialized shares in bank's favor. The loan processes are simplified and includes below mentioned features:

Features of Nabil Share Loan

  • Attractive & competitive interest rate
  • Minimum Loan Processing Fee
  • Loan size up to NPR 200 million
  • Annually renewable
  • Listed Share Brokers to accept broker's cheque for loan settlement
  • Quick approval and transparent loan processing
  • Loan processing from wide range of branch networks

Terms & Conditions

  • Financing shall be up to 70% of the value of the securities (Ordinary Shares).
  • Valuation of shares to be pledged as security is to be done on the basis of average closing price of last 120 days or prevailing minimum market price whichever is lower. This shall be guided by the provision laid down by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)
  • Interest to be served on a quarterly basis whereas principal to be serviced on an annual basis if not renewed at maturity/expiry.
  • Declared income must be adequate to repay the interest obligation of the loan.
  • Documents to be submitted for processing the loan are: De-mat Account Statement along with Applicant's citizenship Certificate and PAN Card. Loan Application form and photographs of applicant to be also submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fees & Charges

Particulars Charges

Loan Administration Fee and renewal

0.75 % of the loan amount and 0.15% of limit for renewal

Commitment Fee

0.15% of the unutilized limit

Prepayment Fee

0.15% of outstanding loan amount

Share Release Charge

NPR 500 per company

Penal Charge

Penal interest




Principal Default


@ 2% p.a. for overdue principal amount for delayed period


Interest Default


Penal Interest shall be collected @2% plus on effective interest rate (i.e. base rate +applicable premium rate) of the particular defaulted account on overdue interest amount for delayed period.

CIC Charge

On Actual Basis

Late Payment Fee

NPR 500 each in case of principal and/or interest default