Friday June 18,2021

Nabil Gen-N Account

Nabil Gen-N account is the digital savings deposit scheme designed for the new generation just not by the age but by the heart. Nabil Gen-N Account which refers to Generation Nepal is designed to fulfill each and every lifestyle needs of particularly-"new generation" who values the ease of banking and speed of transaction to a greater extent.

  • Nepalese Citizen 18 years and above
  • Duly filled account opening form
  • Citizenship/ Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Location map of residence
  • Other KYC information as applicable
Title Details
Minimum Balance  : NIL
Currency  : NPR
Account Statement

 : Free

SWIFT  : 50% discount
Mobile Banking  : Free for 1st year
Internet Banking

 : Free

Viber Banking  : Free
Debit Card  : 4 year free**
Credit Card  : 4 year free*
Nabil Installment  : Facility Available
E-comerce transaction Fee (within Nepal)  : Free
Nabil-eSecure (e-commerce) Re-registration Fee  : Free
Connect IPS  : Available
Nabil iCard  : 25% discount on subscription fee
Education Loan  : Preferential rate shall be applied
Critical Illness & Term Life
Insurance (Under Nabil Care)***
 : Coverage of
   Rs. 300,000/- for 13 Critical Illness
   Rs. 75,000/- for Term Life Insurance
   Rs. 375,000/- Total coverage in case of death caused by CI.
Mero Share  : Free for first year
Demat  : Free account opening and Annual Maintenance charge for first
Online Account Opening facility  : Available
Parents Account tie-up

 : Availability of Standing Instructions facility to debit from
   parents account to this account on regular basis

*No subscription fee charge for Year 1, from next year onwards, cardholder has to spend (Purchase + e-commerce) minimum of NPR 100k in a Year to get waiver.

**No subscription fee charge for Year 1, from next year onwards, cardholder has to maintain annual average of NPR 40,000 to get waiver.

***Subject to maintenance of minimum balance of 35k for coverage of Critical Illness & Term Life Insurance.