Sunday June 20,2021

Nabil Gen-N Account

Nabil Gen-N account is the digital savings deposit scheme designed for the new generation just not by the age but by the heart. Nabil Gen-N Account which refers to Generation Nepal is designed to fulfill each and every lifestyle needs of particularly-"new generation" who values the ease of banking and speed of transaction to a greater extent.

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Shareholders Savings

Shareholders are an important stakeholders of the bank. To honor them, Nabil Bank offers Shareholders Savings designed for the shareholders who have invested fund in our Bank in terms of equity capital.

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Nabil Premium Nari Bachat

Premium Nari Bachat account provides ample banking solutions catering to financial, investment and lifestyle needs.

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Nabil Sahuliyat Khata

Get NPR100 from Bank in each account

Specially designed account for unbanked population for financial inclusion to meet the objective of Government of Nepal to have bank account for all citizens of Nepal.

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Bachat Yojana

Collect your idle money in exchange of higher returns. We offer premium range of deposit scheme. Bachat Yojana a premium savings account provides an enriched version of Savings account that consists of various concessions and add-ons.

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Bal Bachat

Teach your child the value of money… Not only a great way to save money for your child but also a heat-start they need to succeed. Bal Bachat is a savings account that grows with your child and teaches them savings habit.

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