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Nabil SmartBank

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Simple, secure and convenient a unique digital mobile banking application integrated with multiple services. Download now… and carry your bank account with you everywhere in your mobile device…

Key Features

  • Dual Channel Access (Internet/SMS)
  • Availability in NTC/Ncell mobile services
  • Third Party Fund Transfer (Nabil Bank/eSewa Member Banks)
  • Easy to navigate Bank's Branches/ATMs/Merchant locations
  • User friendly app with personalization features
  • Display of Bank's merchant offers/discounts
  • View Exchange Rate/Stock Market/Account Statement
  • Credit Card Bill Payments
  • Mobile Bill Payments
  • Mobile Topup viz. NTC prepaid/post paid, Ncell prepaid/postpaid, PSTN, ADSL
  • Recharge Cards viz. NTC prepaid, Dish Home, Broadlink
  • Merchant Payments
  • Load eSewa Wallets
  • Notification & Alerts: Transaction Alerts, Push Notifications, Loan Repayment Alerts
  • Account balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque Book Request, Full Statement Request
  • Responsive and Interactive Design
  • Biometric login security
  • Self-registration for customers
  • Personalized QR code
  • Engaging promotion banners
  • Fonepay integration
  • Account dashboard
  • Calendar integration
  • QR Code payment
  • Card Module: View/Download Transaction History, Deactivate/Activate Card, Refresh Card Pin



  • Individuals (major) having NPR denominated savings or current account at Nabil Bank
  • One Mobile Number of one Customer is supported

Mode of Usage

All Android and iOS mobile device users can download Nabil SmartBank App from Play Store and App Store respectively.

Nabil SmartBank User Manual

Click here to download Nabil SmartBank User Manual

Click here for Video  of Nabil SmartBank User Manual

Security Tips

  • Memorize your Login password and PIN to avoid misuse of your bank account in case of loss of your mobile device and/or use by others.
  • Change your existing PIN and Password frequently.
  • Never divulge your PIN or Password to any person.
  • Don't write or save your PIN and Password in paper or devices, memorize it instead.
  • For your safety bank allows you only 10 transactions per day with per transaction amount of NPR.5,000.00 within eSewa network or Nabil Bank and maximum transaction amount of NPR 15,000.00per day.
  • In case you lost your mobile device, contact your nearest Nabil Bank branch for immediate action.
  • In case you change your mobile number, please visit your nearest Nabil Bank branch and fill up the form for update of your new mobile number to access service.
  • Check your bank statement regularly for reconciliation of transactions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Definitions: Unless otherwise meant with reference to the subject or the context, the following words and phrases in this document shall have the meaning as set-below. a."Bank" refers to Nabil Bank Limited, a limited company operating banking business under prevailing laws of Nepal and having its registered office at Teendhara, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal. b. "Customer" refers to a customer of the Bank authorized to use Nabil SmartBank. In case the customer is a minor, the guardian of such minor shall be permitted to use the service. c. "Person" means a natural person, company, cooperation, a partnership, trust or any other entity or organized or other body whatsoever. d. "Account(s)" refers to the Customer's bank account and/or credit card account and/or home loan account and/or automobile loan account and/or consumer durable loan account and/or any other type of account maintained with the Bank for operations through the use of Nabil SmartBank. e." Nabil SmartBank" refers to the mobile banking service offered by the Bank through SMS and Internet which provides to the customer the service such as balance inquiry, transaction details, account statement, merchant payment, transfer of funds and other services as the Bank may decide to provide from time to time. The availability/non-availability of a particular service shall be advised through SMS, e-mail, web page of the Bank or the written communication.
  • The contract: The terms and conditions mentioned in this document together with the application made by the customers and as accepted by the Bank shall form the contract between the customer and the bank for the Nabil SmartBank.
  • Application for Nabil SmartBank service: The customer shall apply to the Bank in the prescribed form for the use of Nabil SmartBank. The Bank shall be entitled at its sole discretion to accept or reject such applications. For the purpose of availing Nabil SmartBank, the customer would need to have a legal access to mobile device.
  • Precautions to prevent the unauthorized access: The customer shall take all the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized and illegal use of Nabil SmartBank.
  • Access to Nabil SmartBank: The customer would be provided with an Nabil SmartBank secret access code (Password/PIN) by the bank. As the safety measure, the customer shall change the password/PIN as frequently thereafter as possible.
  • Password: The customer unconditionally undertakes to have Nabil SmartBank password/PIN of such numbers of letter/digits as may be notified by the Bank through SMS from time to time and ensure that the same is kept confidential and do not let any unauthorized person have access to access the code while the customer is accessing the Nabil SmartBank. In case the customer forgets the Nabil SmartBank password, the customer may request for the issue of a new password/PIN by sending a written request to the bank and this shall not be construed as the commencement of a new contract. The customer agrees and acknowledge that the Bank shall in no way be held responsible or liable if the customer incurs any loss as a result information being disclosed by the Bank regarding his account(s) or carrying the instruction for the customer pursuant to the access of the Nabil SmartBank and the customer shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Bank in respect of the same. The customer shall mention the secrecy of all information of confidential nature and shall ensure that the same is not disclosed to any person voluntarily, accidentally or by mistake.
  • Eligibility: Customers desirous of using the Nabil SmartBank should both be the account holder and sole signatory or be authorized to act independently. In case of joint account, where the mode of operation is anyone, all or any transactions arising from the use of the Nabil SmartBank in the joint account shall be binding on all the joint account holders, jointing any severally. However, any account, where the mode of operation is joint, is not eligible for the Nabil SmartBank. In case of minor accounts, the guardian cited in the account opening form will be eligible for the Nabil SmartBank.
  • Charges: The Bank reserves the right to Levy charges for the use of Nabil SmartBank services, amend them from time to time and recover such charges by debiting the a/cs of the customer.
  • Sufficient Balance: The customer shall ensure that there are sufficient funds or prearranged credit facilities in the account and the Bank shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of its inability to carry out the instructions due to inadequacy of funds and/or credit facilities provided always that the bank shall at its sole discretion, be entitles to carry out the instructions notwithstanding such inadequacy without seeking the prior approval from or notice to the customer and the customer shall be responsible to repay with interest resulting overdraft advance or credit thereby created and for all related to costs and charges.
  • Funds Transfer: The Bank will endeavor to effect funds transfer transaction received through Nabil SmartBank subject to availability of sufficient funds in the Account. The Customer shall not use or attempt to use the Nabil SmartBank for fund transfer without sufficient funds in the relative Account or without a prearranged credit facilities with the Bank. The Bank shall specify from time to time the limit for carrying out various kinds of funds transfer or any other services through Nabil SmartBank. The Bank shall not be liable for any omission to make all or any of the payments or for late payments due to circumstances beyond its control.
  • Authority to the Bank: The Customer irrevocably and unconditionally authorises the Bank to access all his/her Accounts(s) for effecting banking or other transactions performed by the Customer through the Nabil SmartBank. The instructions of the Customer shall be effected only after authentication of the Customer in accordance with the prescribed clause 6 for Nabil SmartBank. The Bank shall have no obligations to verify the authenticity of any transaction received from the Customer other than by these means of verification. The SMSs received/sent by the Customer at the time of operation of the Nabil SmartBank is a record of the operation by the Customer and shall be accepted as conclusive and binding for all purpose. All the records of the Bank generated by the transactions arising out of the use of the Nabil SmartBank, including the time the transaction recorded shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of the transaction. While the Bank shall endeavor to carry out the instruction promptly, they shall be responsible for any delay in carrying on the instructions due to any reason whatsoever, including due to the failure of operational systems or any requirement of law. All the transactions arising through the use of the Nabil SmartBank to operate a joint account shall be binding on all the joint account holders, jointly and severally.
  • Instructions: All the instructions for operating the Nabil SmartBank shall be given through mobile device by the customer in the manner indicated by the Bank. The Customer is also responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the instructions provided to the Bank and the same shall be considered to be sufficient to operate the Nabil SmartBank. The Bank shall not be required to independently verify the instructions; an instruction is effective unless countermanded by further instructions. The Bank shall have no liability if it does not or is unable to stop or prevent the implementation of the initial instruction. Where the Bank considers the instructions to be inconsistent or contradictory it may seek clarification from the customer before acting on any instruction of the customer or act upon any such instruction as it deems fit. The Bank may refuse to comply with the instruction without assigning any reason and shall not be under any duty to assess the prudence or otherwise of any instruction and have the right to suspend the operations through the Nabil SmartBank if it has reason to believe that the customer instructions will lead or expose to direct indirect loss or may require an indemnity from the Customer before continuing to operate the Nabil SmartBank.
  • Accuracy of Information: The Customer is responsible for the correctness of information supplied to the Bank for use of Nabil SmartBank. The Bank accepts no liability for the consequences arising out of erroneous information supplied by the customer. If the customer notices an error in the information supplied to the Bank either in the application form or any other communication, he shall immediately advise the Bank which will endeavor to correct the error wherever possible on a "reasonable efforts" basis.
  • Disclaimer of Liability: The Bank shall not be liable for any unauthorized transactions occurring through the Nabil SmartBank and the Customer hereby fully indemnifies and holds the Bank harmless against any action, suit, proceeding initiated against it or any loss, cost or damage incurred by it as a result of thereof. The Customer is liable for payment of financial charges as decided by the Bank or is liable for the result by the suspension of the operations for illegal or improper use of Nabil SmartBank. The Bank shall under no circumstances be held liable to the customer if the Nabil SmartBank is not available in the desired manner for reasons including but not limited to natural calamities, legal restraints, faults in the telecommunication network or network failure, or any other reason beyond the control of Bank.
  • Indemnity: In consideration of the Bank providing Customer the Nabil SmartBank, the Customer shall indemnify and hold the Bank including both their officers, employee and agents, indemnified against all losses and expenses on full indemnity basis which the Bank may incur, sustain, suffer or is likely to suffer in connection with the Bank's execution of the customers's instructions and against all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses as a consequence of by reason of providing a service through Nabil SmartBank for any action taken or omitted to be taken by the Bank, its officers, employees or agents on the instructions of the Customer. The Customer will pay the Bank such amount as may be determined to be sufficient indemnify it against any such loss or expenses even though they may not have arisen or are contingent in nature.
  • Disclosure: The Customer agrees that the Bank or their contractors may hold and process the personal information and all other information concerning his Account(s) on computer or otherwise in connection with the Nabil SmartBank as well as for analysis, credit scoring, marketing, fraud, controlling agencies.
  • Charge of Terms and Condition: The Bank shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions of this contract at any time and will endeavor to give prior notice of 15 (fifteen) days for such changes wherever feasible. By using any new services as may be introduced by the Bank, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the charged terms and conditions.
  • Non-Transferability: The grant of Nabil SmartBank to a customer is not transferable under any circumstance and shall be used only by the Customer.
  • Termination of Nabil SmartBank: The Customer may request for termination of the Nabil SmartBank any time by giving a written notice of at least 15 days to the Bank. The termination shall take effect on the completion of the fifteenth day. The Customer will remain responsible for any transactions made through the Nabil SmartBank until the time of such termination. The Bank may withdraw or terminate the Nabil SmartBank anytime either entirely or with reference to a specific service or customer; or in case of breach of contract by the Customer without a prior notice; or if it learns of the death, bankruptcy, or lack of legal capacity of the customer. Clause 13 & 16 shall survive the termination of the Nabil SmartBank until the time of Nabil SmartBank for any reason whatsoever.
  • Notices: Notices under this contract may be given to the Customer through SMS or in writing by delivering them by hand or post to the last address given by the Customer. In addition, the Bank may also publish notices of general nature in a newspaper or on its web site located at Such notices will have the same effect as a notice served individually to each Customer. Notice and instructions will be deemed served 7 days after posting or upon receipt in the case of hand delivery, cable, telex or facsimile.
  • Applicability to Future Accounts: If the Customer opens further Accounts with the Bank and the Bank extends the Nabil SmartBank to such Accounts and the Customer opts for use thereof, then this Contract shall automatically apply to such further use of the Nabil SmartBank by the Customer.
  • General: The clause headings herein are for only for convenience and do not affect the meaning of the relative clause. The Bank may sub-contract and employ agents to carry out any of its obligations under this contract. Nabil SmartBank services would be available to the Customer in certain cities and during timings specified by the Bank from time to time and transactions would be carried out on the same day or on the next working day depending upon the time of logging of the transaction. The Customer would have to ensure that he mobile he/she uses meets the criteria. All costs incurred by the Customer including telecommunication costs to use the Nabil SmartBank would be borne by the Customer.
  • Assessment: The bank shall be entitled to sell, assign, securities or transfer the Bank's right and obligations here-under. Any such sale, assignment, securitization, or transfer shall conclusively bind the Customer and all other persons. The Customer, his heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators and successors are bound by the Contract. However, the Customer shall not be entitled to transfer or assign any of his rights and obligations hereunder.
  • Rights of Set-Off and Lien: The Bank shall have the right of set-off and lien, irrespective of any other lien or charge, presents as well as future, on the deposits held in the Account(s) to the extent of all outstanding dues, whatsoever, arising as a result of the Nabil SmartBank extended to and/or used by the Customer.
  • Proprietary Rights: The software underlying the Nabil SmartBank as well as other SMS related software which are required for accessing Nabil SmartBank are the legal property of the respective vendors to which the Customer hereby acknowledges. The permission given by the Bank to access Nabil SmartBank will not convey any proprietary or ownership rights in such software. The Customer shall not attempt to modify, translate, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the software underlying Nabil SmartBank or create any derivative product based on the software.
  • Governing Law: The Contract and/or the operations in the Accounts of the Customer shall be governed by the laws of Nepal. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nabil SmartBank Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement (“ Statement ”) applies to all Nabil Bank Limited customers who have subscribed for Mobile Banking services. The term “ Nabil Bank Limited ” or “we”, “us”, or “our” that may appear in t he mobile banking application distributed, controlled and owned by us refers to Nabil Bank Limited . This Statement describes how our mobile banking application may collect, use and share information from or about you

Agreement to the Statement

By viewing and using the Nabil Bank Limited mobile banking application, you consent to this Statement which includes your consent to disclose and use information about you in the manner detailed in this Statement . Other privacy statements may also apply in addition t o the terms of this Mobile Privacy Statement

Gathering, Using and Sharing: Information that we collect

Information that we may collect about you through mobile banking includes information that you voluntarily disclose at the time of subscription such as your name, primary a/c number , alias a/c, mobile number and other contact information; transaction information, information resulting from your mobile activity in terms of your usage of the subscribed mobile banking service . We do not gather additional inf ormation associated with your mobile device through cookies and other technologies. We also do not share any of this information with any other company unless required to do so by law or while handling any disputes that may arise .

Working with Other Compan ies

The Mobile Banking Service technology (including the mobile apps) provided by us has been developed by a third party IT company. However, the entire technology is owned by Nabil Bank Limited and all data pertaining to the system is securely hosted by Nabil Bank Limited . The third party company has no access to this data unless authorized by us. At times w e may be required to allow the third party company to gain limited access to the information you provide in order to seek technical support or in case s of dispute handling. Such cases always and only occur with our authorization, supervision and presence.

Security Measures

We apply several security measures to protect your information . SMS generated by our Mobile Banking Apps use encryption standards to help ensure that information passes to Nabil Bank Limited without being intercepted by third parties. Reply messages sent by the Mobile Banking use masking features to hide few middle characters of your a/c numbers . To help prevent misuse of Page 2 of 2 services and authorize access to your banking information, you are always required to type in your MPIN provided by the bank. As always, we strongly encourage you to assist us in that effort by not sharing your MPIN with anyone.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions about this Statement or our mobile banking services , please contact us at Nabil Bank Limited or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Statement Updates and Effective Date

This Statement is subject to change and any changes to this Statement will become effective when posted on this website . Your use of the application following these changes means you accept the revised Statement .