Friday June 18,2021

NabilSmart Visa Domestic

Own your card without having an account ...apply for multi-purpose travel card carrying benefits of both Debit and Prepaid cards.

Eligibility: All individuals travelling within Nepal, India and Bhutan.

Key Features

  • Convenience of Contactless Payments 
  • Perfect Travel Companion
  • Instant issuance
  • Avail your card without having bank account
  • Get your personalized card
  • EMV Pre - Paid Card (CHIP +PIN based) for secured withdrawals, purchase and online payment solutions
  • Easy & Convenient way to register your card for online purchase with Nabil e-Secure
  • Own your cards with 4 years validity
  • Unlimited/wider acceptance within Nepal, India and Bhutan
  • Get SMS and E mail alert of your transaction
  • Hassle free solutions of carrying cash

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a financial instrument which can be topped up with a designated amount in Rupees for subsequent use as per cardholder’s requirement. It empowers the customer and provides control and convenience to use the card securely at retail merchants (equipped with point of sale terminals) and at ATMs once the customer fulfills general conditions while applying for the card.

Where can I use my prepaid card?

With your prepaid card you can: swipe anytime, anywhere at retail outlets or merchants that support the Visa network, make utility bill payments online, book travel and movie tickets online, recharge mobile online.

Is NabilSmart Visa Prepaid Card reloadable?

Your prepaid card can be reloaded.

How to check balance on card?

You can check your card balance at any Nabil Bank ATMs.

How to use your prepaid card?

Insert or Swipe at merchant establishments.

Make payments over-the-counter at various shops, restaurants and outlets across Nepal.

Look for a Visa/Visa Electron sign (indicating that the merchant has an electronic POS terminal).

Present the prepaid card when making payment.

The prepaid card will be inserted or swiped by the merchant.

Use ATM PIN when terminal prompts for PIN input.

Your account will be debited online for the purchase amount.

A sales slip/receipt will be generated.

Check the amount debited.

Sign the sales slip to give approval of the transaction.

Your signature must match that on the reverse of your prepaid card.

Ensure your prepaid card is returned to you.

Any information I should know about before I shop?

At any merchant establishment, do not let the merchant manually enter the card details on the POS (point of sale) as the payment will not go through. Always ensure the merchant inserts or swipes the card on the POS (point of sale terminal). Do not use the card for temporary transactions. If the same has been done, please ask the merchant to use the same authorization code for final settlement to avoid double debit.

What happens if the purchase amount is more than the balance amount?

If you try to purchase an item of greater value than your card balance, your transaction will be declined.

What is the process if I want to cancel a purchase?

If you want to cancel a purchase, contact the merchant who will raise a reversal against the charge slip which has been generated. It will take 2 days for the amount to reflect on your card, once the merchant raises the reversal. The merchant can raise a reversal within 30 days from the date of merchant receiving the cancellation request. Contact your merchant for specific details. If you wish to discuss a disputed transaction, you may contact at our hotline numbers mentioned on the backside of your prepaid card.

What if one of the posted transactions on my account is not legitimate at merchant location?

To know the detailed process of disputing any transaction, contact our hotline numbers mentioned on the backside of your prepaid card. Just make sure you check your bank accounts regularly and report discrepancies within 15 days of the date transaction is posted in your card account.

What happens if I do not use my prepaid card?

If you do not use your prepaid card for a period of 6 months, inactive charges shall be applicable.

Can I use my prepaid card while travelling abroad?

No, prepaid card can only be used in Nepal & India. No foreign currency transactions are permitted.

What alerts will I receive?

You will receive an SMS alert and email notification on the registered mobile number or email address for all debit and credit transactions.

What happens if my ATM password gets locked?

Please contact our hotline numbers mentioned on the backside of your prepaid card.

How can I Hot list my card?

If you have lost or misplaced your prepaid card, you can hotlist (block) your card by calling the hotline numbers mentioned on the reverse of the card.

How do I know my card is genuine?

To ensure your prepaid card is genuine, look for the Visa hologram on your card. Kindly ensure that when you purchase the prepaid card, the packaging is not tampered.

What is CVV2 code?

CVV2 code is a card verification code. It is a 3 digit code on the back of your prepaid card.

What happens if my prepaid card expires?

You may request a new card before your existing card expires. The balance amount from your existing card will be transferred to your new card. Card re-issuance fee will be debited from the available card balance.

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions

a) "The Bank" means Nabil Bank Limited acting through its branches/units and includes its representatives, assigns, successors and/or agents.

b) "Card" or " Prepaid Card" means applicable prepaid card issued by Nabil Bank to a card member and includes replacement cards.

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Fees & Charges

Particulars Charges

Subscription Fee

NPR 500.00

Annual Fee


Recharge or Reload Fee

NPR 50.00 per recharge per card

Cash Advance Fee From Nabil ATM


Cash Advance Fee From Other ATMs

NPR 50.00

Cash Advance Fee From Other ATMs (India, Bhutan)

NPR 250.00

Balance Enquiry Fee From Other ATMs

NPR 50.00*

Decline Fee

NPR 100.00

Exception Listing Fee (Stop, Unblock)

NPR 300.00

Card Unblock Fee


PIN Re-issuance Fee

NPR 250.00

Uncollected Re-PIN

NPR 250.00

Card Re-issuance/Replacement Fee

NPR 500.00

Force PIN Activation

NPR 1000.00

Pre-Scheduled Renew & Renewal on Demand Fee

NPR 1000.00

VIP Listing

NPR 1000.00

Nabil eSecure Registration Fee

NPR 100.00

Nabil eSecure Annual Fee

NPR 100.00

Nabil eSecure Transactions Fee (Other than in Nepal)

Minimum NPR 50 or 0.5% whichever is higher 

Retrieval Request/Request for Copy Fee

NPR 500.00 per transaction

Dispute Management Fee

NPR 500.00 per transaction

1Domestic - Valid in Nepal, India, and Bhutan

*Only for balance enquiries made outside Nabil's ATM network or POS network as applicable