Friday June 18,2021

Nabil Installment

Apply for Nabil Installment Scheme with an expansive portfolio catering to your needs that brings happiness to your families at home.  The portfolio ranges from Home Appliances, Electric Gadget, Furniture, Gold & Diamond Jewelry, Travel Packages, Eco-Friendly Two-Wheeler, Health Services and many more

We make your purchase affordable, easy & hassle free with EMI service - Buy Now Pay Later scheme. This product is exclusively for NPR credit card holders.

Key Features

  • Hassle Free Process
  • Flexibility in processing fee
  • Flexible Tenure
  • 0% Interest Scheme
  • Financing from NPR 20,000 to NPR 200,000
  • Own your desired product/services on easy EMI payment.
  • Expansive Product/Services Portfolio

Merchant List

S.N. Merchant Name Products Showroom Inside Valley Showroom Outside Valley Contact Number
1 Ncell (P) Ltd. Mobiles Khumaltar   9805554444
2 Nepa Hima Trade Link  'Sony Showroom' Electronic & Home Appliances Kantipath, Labim Mall, Jawalakhel   5546076, 4250305
3 Office Works Enterprises Electronic & Accessories UWTC, Tripureshwor   4117123, 9841326461
4 New Snapper Photo Goods Camera & Accessories Civil Mall   4224645
5 Him Electronics P. Ltd. 'Samsung Showroom' Electronic & Home Appliances Durbarmarg, Chuchhepati, Baneshwor, Bhaktapur-Near Barahi Movies, Civil Mall, Pulchowk, Kumaripati Narayanghat, Butwal, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Dharan, Brtamod 4230382, 4230378
6 Techno Store (P) Ltd. Electronic Products   City Center 4011527
7 Evolution Trading "EvoStore" Electronic Products Durbarmarg, Pulchowk-Labim Mall, Boudha Pokhara,  4225486, 4229660
8 Gear Venture Bike Nepal Branded Bicycles Bhattachan Complex, Bhatbhateni   4435790, 4437990
9 LG Lifestyle Shoppe Electronic & Home Appliances Chabahil, Civil mall, Imadol, Jawalakhel, Kantipath, Minbhawan, Sitapaila Delivery Service Available 4466430, 4498382, 4254025, 5200427, 5546218, 
10 Urja Venture Pvt. Ltd Jewellery Durbarmarg   4239743/44
11 Sulux Center Branded Watches Durbarmarg   4222539
12 Index Furniture Furniture & Furnishing Jawalakhel, Lazimpat   5544270, 4415181
13 Quest Travels & Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd Travel Package Naxal, Kathmandu   4432588
14 Kathmandu Bike Station Pvt Ltd  Branded Bicycles Lazimpat   4444250
15 Arogin Health Care & Research Centre (P) Ltd.  Health Services-Hair Treatment Bishal Nagar   4423423
16 Oliz Store (P) Ltd.; iStore Pvt Ltd Apple Electonic Products Babar Mahal, Rising mall Delivers all over Nepal via courier 4239881
17 Ola Electronics (P) Ltd. Mobiles New Road   4269092
18 CG Digital (P) Ltd. Electronic & Home Appliances Hattigauda, Kirtipur, Kumaripati, Nayabazar, Radha Radhe, Ravibhawan, Tangal, Tripureshwor Bharatpur, Itahari 4411269, 5525039, 5525041
19 S.N. Joshi & Sons Company (P) Ltd. Furniture & Furnishing Patan Hospital, Maharajgunj   5523864
20 Kathmandu Solar and Electronics Electonic Products Swoyambhu Delivers all over Nepal via courier 9803906375
21 Easy Care Mobile Mobile Product Tamrakar Complex-5th Floor Delivers all over Nepal via courier 9851045133, 01-4215675
22 Barun Interprises Electronic Products   Thapathali 4229922
23 A To Z Online Bazar Mobile Product Tamrakar House, Star Mall Putalisadak, CTC Mall Pokhara Can be delivered via courier 9851124104; 9869162949
24 Astral Computers Nepal Pvt Ltd (Future World) Apple Electronic Products Civil Mall   4438798
25 ITP Nepal Nubia Mobiles   Sanepa, Lalitpur 5550607, 5542317
26 Best Buy Electronics Appliances Chhetrapati   9849510123
27 K & K Mobile Hub Mobile Product Tamrakar complex, Pako New Road   4233744
28 Seven Eleven Mobile Shop Mobile Products   Hetauda 057-520798
29 Suresh Enterprises Mobile Products   Birgunj 9802900091
30 Eco Infinity Pvt ltd Electronic Scooter Maitighar, Naxal Pokhara, Butwal, Itahari 4422922, 4256062, 4256038
31 CAS Trading Pvt Ltd HP Laptops Anamnagar   4430858, 4430859
32 Connecting Mobile House Mobile Camera & Laptop New Road   4244855
33 Ashmi Jewellers Jewellery New Road   4238339, 4224905
34 Syarse Kalika Electronics Suppliers Electronics Appliances   Hetauda, school road 057-520698
35 Jayadeep Electronics Electronics Appliances   Biratnagar 9802740249, 021-525026
36 Sky Shop Nepal Fitness Equipment Putalisadak Deliver all over Nepal 9801203325
37 Online Saathi Trading Pvt. Ltd. Variety Store Koteshwor, Kathmandu   9801851305; 9840553298
38 Technorio Inc. Pvt. Ltd. Laptop/Tablets Shankhamool Tower, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu   014786103; 9801115055
39 Jinny Business Pvt. Ltd. Mobile/Tablets New Road   014215441; 9851000056
40 DIGITAL SOUND AND VISION Electronics and Home Appliances   Pokhara 061-539773
41 CHALISE AND SONS Branded Bicycles   Pokhara 9856023793
42 MOHAN ELECTRONICS AND MOBILE Mobile/Tablets   Pokhara 9846061633
43 Pokhara mountain bike Adventure pvt ltd Branded Bicycles   Pokhara 9856035788
44 WAIBA MOBILE CENTRE Mobile/Tablets   Morang 9852052492
45 RAJ CYCLE CENTER Bicycles   Makwanpur 9855047789
46  Easy group Electronics Gatthaghar   9851051952
47 Arun electronics Electronics   Biratnagar 021-514378
48 Riddhi siddhi vinayak Electronics Koteshwor   9802074067
49 White Lotus Electronic Scooter Shankhamul   9851104399
50 Kastha Parishkar Furniture & Furnishing Hattigauda   9851070535

Fees & Charges

  • 0.75% of Loan Amount
  • Prepayment Fee : 1% of Outstanding Loan Amount (Minimum NPR 100)

 Products & Services Offered 

Home Appliances:

Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Fans and many more.

Electronic Gadgets:

Cameras, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tablets, Mobiles and many more.

Furniture & Furnishings:

Luxurious Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, Office Tables and many more.

Gold & Diamond Ornaments:

Pendants, Ears & Fingers Rings, Bangles and many more.

Travel & Tour Packages:

Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and many more.

Health Services

Hair Transplant and many more

Eco-Friendly Two-Wheeler

Branded Cycle & Electric Scooter

Frequently Asked Question

How to apply and how does it work?

You have to follow below steps to apply for Nabil Installment Scheme.

  • Visit our selective merchant outlets approved by the Bank
  • Choose the products and services that you want to purchase under Nabil Installment Scheme
  • You can choose only one product and/or service at one time for easy EMIs
  • Fill-up Nabil Installment Scheme application form available at merchant outlets and submit at the Bank along with latest income document
  • Upon approval the Bank shall inform you and provide Delivery Order (Cardholder/Merchant/Bank Copy)
  • Receive Delivery Order from the Bank and visit merchant outlets to acknowledge the product and service
  • Take your products and services at home and brings happiness to your families
  • The EMI amount will be charged every month end in your credit card until the completion of EMI tenure.

Please ensure that the payment of dues is made in time.

To know more you can call us in 01-5970015 or call us in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will I be able to use my credit card for other purposes than Nabil Installment?

Yes, Nabil Installment is just one of the many benefits of subscribing to your credit cards. You can use your credit card for shopping and spending besides availing Nabil Installment to the extent your credit limit allows.

Can I settle the Nabil Installment amount before the completion of installment period?

Yes, you can prepay the dues of Nabil Installment and settle the same before the completion of Nabil Installment tenure by paying pre-payment fee of NPR. 100.00 or 1% of the outstanding loan amount whichever is higher.

Can I avail two or more Nabil Installment at a time?

You can take only one product/services under Nabil Installment at a time.  You can settle the existing Nabil Installment and you can apply and avail another product and/or service under Nabil Installment.

Do I have to surrender my credit card once I settle Nabil Installment outstanding?

Absolutely not, you can continue using your credit card and enjoy endless benefits of card services even after the repayment of Nabil Installment outstanding. In fact, you can immediately apply for new Nabil Installment after the repayment of the existing Nabil Installment outstanding.

Is there a limitation on number of times I can apply for Nabil Installment?

No, you can enjoy Nabil Installment numerous times as long as you are our credit card holders.

Can I convert recent purchase transaction of my credit card to Nabil Installment?

We do not allow such conversion of normal purchase under Nabil Installment. Nabil Installment is available at selective merchant outlets.

Will I be able to utilize credit limit of my credit card after availing Nabil Installment?

Definitely! The remaining amount available in card after deduction of EMI can be used. For example, if your credit card has a monthly credit limit of Rs. 100,000.00 and EMI of your Nabil Installment is Rs. 5,000.00 then credit limit available for additional spending is Rs. 95,000.00 monthly given that your payments are prompt. Please monitor your credit card account promptly to avoid going over your credit limit and paying Over Limit Fee at the Bank.

What should I do to avail Nabil Installment? But I don't have a Nabil credit card?

Firstly, you can apply for Nabil Domestic Credit Card. After availing your credit card, you can apply for the product and/or service under Nabil Installment by filling application form at the merchant outlets. If we approve Nabil Installment to you, you can collect the products and/or services from the merchant outlets after acknowledging in Delivery Order.

Terms & Conditions of Nabil Installment Scheme

1. Nabil Installment loan facility is available to its local currency credit card members holding Visa and MasterCard hereinafter referred to as the “Credit Card”. Nabil Credit card installment facility is hereinafter referred to as “Nabil Installment” (NI).

2. The purpose of NI is to allow the credit cardholder to purchase goods and Services offered by the Merchants and repay the amount of purchase through Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) in accordance with these NI terms and conditions.

3. NI Account means a Sub-account/limit allowed to make purchase under NI or transfer of a transaction or balance from the card account to the installment account.

4. Financial Charge means a rate applicable for different tenure and offers, based on the payment factor.

5. Total NI value, means: the purchase price of the product with applicable financial charge, which is required to be paid by the cardholder, within the installment tenure as agreed.

6. EMI Amount means: the total NI value plus interest divided by the number of months opted under NI facility.

7. NI Tenure means: the number of monthly installment opted by the Cardholder under NI.

8. If the customer meets credit card terms and conditions of Nabil he/she maybe eligible for enrolling into NI. NI is available for basic and supplementary Credit card members and will only be offered to those customers, who abide by the credit card terms ad conditions and meet the minimum transaction limit of Rs. 15,000.

9. All retail except quasi cash transactions made within Nepal (greater than or equal to Rs. 15,000) on the card account can be converted into NI, Nabil may at anytime without prior notice to the customer may change above mentioned minimum transaction limit.

10. NI will be available against purchase of the goods and services from nominated Merchants of Nabil.

11. The EMI amount will be posted to the cardholder’s card account on the due date of NI and the same will be treated normal card transaction thereafter. The cardholder will be required to repay the EMI amount along with the other card dues on the due date printed in the credit card statement.

12. Under the credit card terms and conditions, if the customer is unable to effect full payment for the due amount as mentioned in credit card statement on or before the payment due date, the customer is liable to pay financial charges/service fee as per prevailing credit card terms and conditions.

13. Customer will be charged regular existing credit card financial charges/service fee applicable to the credit card account on the outstanding balance transaction(s) amount to be transferred into NI from the day of transaction till the date of transfer into NI. This charge will be levied as per the overall financial charge on the credit card on the next billing date.

14. NI financial charge will be levied on the card account on the date of transfer of amount/ transaction from credit card account to NI from the transfer date to the next billing date.

15. The goods and services offered by the Merchant, the installment charge rate and the number of the monthly installment to be paid (the NI tenure) for each goods and services shall be determined by Nabil. The NI terms and conditions including interest rate and tenure may vary from one offer to another.

16. If the cardholder is interested in availing any offer under, NI he/she may sign a form if available with the merchant after making the purchase or may visit Card Division directly to complete required formalities. On receiving the application form, Bank will approve/decline application as per the laid condition and criteria. Upon approval, the transaction will be booked / converted to NI in accordance with NI terms and conditions and the provisions applicable to the specific offer.

17. Cardholder may also call at the Nabil Cards Division to convert and or book in NI transaction. Nabil reserves the right to accept / reject the request for conversion of the transaction.

18. Nabil will process and authorize NI transaction only if the additional limit is approved for NI transaction.

19. If the purchase amount is directly booked in NI, the same will not appear in the card statement and if already purchased item is booked in NI, a credit entry for same item will appear in next credit card statement from the date of NI booking.

20. The amount to be paid every month (EMI) will be computed by dividing the total NI value plus applicable interest by the NI tenure.

21. EMI shall be billed to the cardholder starting from the statement following the statement of immediate billing date of transfer/booking of transactions to NI account and every month thereafter until the NI amount is paid in full.

22. When a customer makes a purchase(s) under NI, the monthly minimum due on the statement will be outstanding transactions multiplied by the required minimum payment percentage plus the NI monthly installment(s) determined by the Nabil, plus any excess amounts over the credit limit and past due amounts, if any.

23. If the cardholder pays less than the monthly minimum due on the due date specified in the cardholders credit card monthly statement then charges as per the existing credit card terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of the Nabil will become applicable including on the NI EMI amount.

24. In case the credit card is cancelled or is delinquent for a specific period as determined by Nabil from time to time or not renewed by Nabil or cardholder, the NI transaction will be terminated automatically and the card holder will be liable to pay the remaining installments immediately upon receipt of the next statement of account.

25. Nabil will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by the cardholder arising out of the purchase, installation, use or otherwise of the good(s) and or service(s) under NI for any negligence breach of statutory or other duty on the part of the Merchant nor shall Nabil be responsible in any way for the quality of the good(s) and or service(s) purchased under NI. Any complaint about the quality of good(s) and or service(s) purchased shall be referred to the supplier or the merchant and shall not affect cardholders’ obligation to continue paying NI monthly EMIs to Nabil.

26. Nabil reserves the right to anytime and without any prior notice or liability to the cardholder in any manner whatsoever to terminate NI or Cancel or vary its benefits or feature or vary terms and conditions. Nabil is also entitled to determine the minimum and maximum amount of purchase allowed under the NI for each particular offer.

27. Nabil reserves the right to disqualify any cardholders from further participation, if in its judgment, the cardholder has in any way violated terms and conditions or has violated the credit card terms and conditions.

28. Nabil shall be entitled to disallow/refuse any application submitted by the customer to it under NI without assigning any reason whatsoever.

29. Nabil shall not be liable if it is unable to perform its obligation under these terms and conditions for any reason whatsoever. Further Nabil shall not be held responsible for any delay in transmission of information to Nabil from the Merchant or any third party.

30. These terms and conditions shall be without prejudice to the existing credit card conditions governing the issue of and use of Nabil credit card, shall apply to NI.

31. The cardholder will be allowed the option of prepaying the total IB outstanding, by way of a lump-sum payment and a nominal prepayment charge shall be levied (NPR 100 or 1% on outstanding value whichever is higher) to process this request.

32. If any time, disputes arise in connection with the NI or these terms and conditions, Nabil’s decision in connection with the same shall be final and binding. Nabil Reserves the right to terminate the NI without prior notice.