Friday June 18,2021

Nabil iCard

Get your Nabil iCard to fulfill your desire of shopping internationally online in any e-commerce websites. This card enables you to conduct dollar transactions in any website worldwide ( except India) upto the limit of USD 500 per year.
Eligibility: Individuals/Companies with active account and valid PAN


Key Features

  • Card issued under Visa brand in USD currency.
  • The maximum limit of top-up in the card will be USD 500 per year.
  • Instant issuance i.e. non-personalized card will be issued and available over the counter of all branches.
  • Personalized card will also be issued by Alternate Channel Division upon receiving request from the branches.
  • Chip based card with CVV2+OTP verification method for secured online transactions globally (except India).
  • Can be used at international ecommerce platform worldwide (except India) as allowed by regulator.
  • Can easily & securely access in ecommerce transaction.
  • Validity of card will be 4 years.
  • Card can be topped up any time within the validity of the card, provided customer meets NRB criteria.
  • The date of validity of yearly threshold prescribed by regulator initiates from the date of card activation/top-up.
  • Card member can accept/deposit payment received against export of services using online platform (except Indian) in the card.
  • The maximum threshold of cumulative FCY amount that can be deposited in the card including top-up facility is USD 5000 and excess amount over USD 5000 to be invariably transferred to LCY/FCY account of the card holder.
  • The transaction amount will be debited to the cardholder’s pre-paid card account on real time of transaction.
  • Statement will be generated at the end of English Month and send to registered email address.
  • Transactions alert service available in both mobile & email address provided by the cardholder


  • All existing/new individual customer maintaining LCY/FCY account with Nabil Bank with updated KYC and PAN details
  • All registered firm/company/organization maintaining LCY/FCY account with Nabil Bank with updated KYC and PAN details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general procedure of enrollment into Nabil iCard?

Customer needs to follow the following steps:

  • Open current account/saving account with Nabil Bank (in case customer is yet to open account)
  • Approach branch for Nabil iCard application form and fill the same including all necessary details as requested in the form
  • Submit the form in branch and maintain the deposit required in his/her account for the deduction of necessary charges

Can a customer apply for multiple Nabil iCards under the same name?

No, any one particular customer can only avail one Nabil iCard from one bank. Customer cannot avail multiple cards.

Who can apply for Nabil iCard?

Any registered Firm/Company/individual is eligible for Nabil iCard given that he/she has an active account with active KYC. Further PAN shall also be mandatory.

Can individuals apply to enroll into Nabil iCard? 

Yes, Individuals with saving account with Nabil Bank can apply for the same given that he/she also has a valid PAN card.

Can business entities apply to enroll into Nabil iCard?

Yes, any registered business entities with valid PAN and active account are eligible to apply for Nabil iCard.

What are the documents required to avail Nabil iCard? 

Below are the checklists as per registration type Particular




PAN Certificate

Registration Certificate


Citizenship Certificate

PP Size photo


Memorandum of Association



Article of Association



Board Minute



How long does it take to get the Nabil iCard?

If the customer opts for non-personalized card, the card shall be available instantly over the counter. However, if the customer opts for a personalized card, the card will be available in 3-4 working days.

What are the fees and charges levied to the customer to avail Nabil iCard?

Currently, following are the fees and charges levied to the customer:

Issuance Fee

Transaction Fee

eSecure Enrollment fee

Subscription Fee: NPR 1,000/-

Re-Load/Recharge Fee: NPR 500

Replacement/Reissue Fee: USD 5/-

Exception listing fee: USD 5/-

Force Pin Activation: USD 5/-


Cross Border Fee: 1 % of the transaction amount

Nabil eSecure Txn Fee: USD 0.50 or 0.5% whichever is higher

Nabil eSecure Registration Fee: USD 5/-

Nabil eSecure Re-Reg. Fee : USD 1/-



Can a customer apply for Nabil iCard if they already have a similar product from another bank?

No, one customer can only avail one international prepaid card product under this category.

Can the card be used for ATM withdrawals or POS transactions?

Nabil iCard is limited only to e-commerce transactions worldwide. Any ATM withdrawals or POS transactions are restricted from Nabil iCard.

Can foreign citizens apply for Nabil iCard?

No, only Nepali citizens can apply for Nabil iCard.

What is the top-up limit of Nabil iCard?

Currently as per NRB’s regulations, the maximum top-up in the card is USD 500 per year.

Can freelancers/businesses with USD earning top up further than USD 500?

If the customer is able to generate Dollar income to his/her account, the amount can be topped up to his/her card to the limit of maximum USD 5,000. Any excess amount over USD 5,000 shall be deposited to his/her account.

Can customers availing Nabil iCard only avail services from websites or product purchase is also allowed?

Customer can proceed for purchase of both services/products which shall be subject to taxation. Customer shall himself/herself be responsible relating to product/service purchase made through e-commerce websites. 

How can customers track their available balance in the card?

Customers can track their available balance through any Nabil Bank ATM.

What are the transactions limitations in the card?

Customers can use the complete available balance present in the card for their transaction purposes.

Is the card issued under both Visa and Mastercard branding?

No, currently the card is only issued under Visa card branding.

How can the customer top up once their balance available is used?

Customers can approach branch and over the counter top up can be done by the branch itself.

How are customers notified of the transactions?

Customers shall receive mobile and email alerts to their nominated mobile number and email address regarding transactions made.

Are any websites restricted from making payments through the Nabil iCard?

Nabil iCard can be used in all international ecommerce platforms (except India) as allowed by regulatory.

Can amount from one card be transferred to another card?

No, such feature of amount transfer through card is not allowed currently.

What if the customer availing Nabil iCard uses 500 USD before the stipulated time of 1 year period? Can the customer re-load desired funds instantly to the card?

Currently as per NRB’s regulations, customers can top up to the maximum of USD 500 per year. The date for the top up validity initiates from the date of card activation. Hence the customer shall have to wait until the time period before proceeding for further top up in case the entire 500 USD limit is used.

What is the minimum amount per top up in Nabil iCard?

Currently there is no minimum amount set for top up.

Can customers top up as many times as they want or is there a limit to the times they can top up to the card?

Customers can top up as many times as they want given that they do not exceed the top up limit of USD 500 per year. For example: A customer activates his/her card on 1st January 2021 and tops up his card by USD 300. He/she uses the USD 300 given and requests to top up USD 300 again in 1st June 2021, in such case the customer can only top up USD 200. This is to avoid customer’s having top-up over USD 500 during the period of one year.

*For any further queries, please contact Customer Care at 01-5970015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..