Friday June 18,2021

NabilSmart Visa Domestic

Get your Debit Card customized with a host of premium services to meet your new-age life styles and status requirements…. Enjoy cashless, convenient shopping in stores and online with your debit card and say good-bye to the hassles of withdrawing cash every time you need to shop.

Eligibility: Individuals (major) having savings or current account at Nabil Bank.

Key Features

  • Convenience of contactless payment
  • EMV Debit Card (CHIP +PIN based) for secure cash withdrawals, convenient purchases at physical and online stores
  • Easily register your card with Nabil e-Secure and enjoy the benefits of online purchases
  • Own your cards with 4 years validity
  • Widely accepted within Nepal, India and Bhutan
  • Get SMS and email alerts of your transactions
  • Avail SCT card in addition to your debit card and be connected with wider ATM network throughout the nation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NabilSmart Debit Card?

Nabil Bank Debit Card is a plastic card secured by EMV technology, which is linked to your Nabil account, that enables you to shop at physical and online stores easily and conveniently without having to use cash.

What is the difference between an ATM Card and a debit card?

An ATM card is used primarily for cash withdrawal at ATMs. However, a debit card is not only used for cash withdrawals, but primarily for purchases at physical outlets or online stores.

How can I apply for NabilSmart Visa debit Card?

You need to have an account with us to apply for NabilSmart Visa domestic debit card. Or, you can apply for the card at the time of opening your account with us. If you don't have an account with us, please visit one of our branches that is conveniently located for you.

I have received Nabil Bank Debit Card with welcome Kit. Is it ready to use?

Your Nabil Bank Debit Card is in active state for usage at ATMs. After you change PIN given by the bank with your new PIN at any of Nabil Bank’s ATMs and you can start using your debit card at any Visa enabled ATMs using the PIN given to you with welcome Kit.

What all information is written on my Nabil Bank Debit Card?

The following information is available on the front of your Debit Card:
1. 16 digit card number
2. Debit card valid from date
3. Debit card valid thru date
4. Cardholder's name

The following information is available on the reverse of your Debit Card:
1. 3 digit code (also known as Card Verification Value 2)
2. Signature panel
3. Hotline Numbers and Email Address

What is a CVV number?

The CVV number is a three digit code printed on the reverse of the card. This value is required as a form of authentication for online transactions.

Is there any way of changing the debit card PIN?

Yes. You can change your debit card PIN by selecting PIN Change option at Nabil Bank ATMs.

If I request for a new PIN, when will it be delivered?

The new PIN will be delivered to the branch you have applied for PIN, within 4 working days from the date of request.

How to use a debit card for retail transactions?

When you are ready to check out from a physical store, produce your card to make the payment.

Step1: The merchant inserts or swipes your card at a Point of Sale (POS) terminal
Step2: The merchant enters the transaction amount on the POS terminal and verify the transaction amount
Step3: The POS machine will prompt* for the debit card PIN to be entered by you. Please do not disclose                           your debit card PIN to the merchant.
Step4: Once you enter the correct PIN and sign the charge slip, the transaction is confirmed and completed and               transaction amount will get deducted from your Bank account.
Step5: Ensure that the debit card is returned to you

*All POS machines may not prompt you to insert PIN. Only those machines that are compliant with EMV technology ask for the PIN.

Is there any fees for using my Debit Card for retail outlet transactions?

No. There is zero fee for using your Debit Card at retail outlet transactions.

Will I get any intimation for my debit card transactions?

Yes. You will receive SMS and email alerts for all card transactions to your mobile number and email ID registered with the Bank. If you have not registered any of these 2, please visit at your nearest branch and update it.

How can I find out when my debit card was issued to me?

Every Nabil Bank Debit Card has a Valid From and Valid thru date mentioned on the front of the card in MM/YY format. This date is the card issue date.

What are the daily usage limits for my debit card for usage at ATMs and merchant outlets?

There is a daily limit on your debit card for ATM cash withdrawal as well as transactions at retail outlets and online merchants in Nepal and India. The details of daily limits and the velocity are included in welcome kit while issuing debit card to you.

Where can I use my Debit Card?

Anywhere you see the Visa logo, and at any ATM displaying the Visa or PLUS logo. Remember, your card can be used at all Nabil Bank ATMs.

What is the procedure to replace a damaged Debit Card?

We request you to visit our nearest branch and give application for the replacement card.

What is the procedure to follow if my Debit Card PIN is blocked?

If your PIN is blocked, you can unblock the card by calling our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681. In case your card is blocked due to entering the incorrect PIN at an ATM or merchant outlet, the card will automatically get unblocked after 24 hours.

Can I use my Debit Card to pay online?

Currently your Debit Card can be used to make purchases from online merchants who have the Verified by Visa certification displayed on their web page.

What should I do if my Debit Card is not working?

If your card is not working, contact us at our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095 or visit your nearest branch. We will assist you to identify the problem with the debit card.

What is a Chip and PIN debit card?

A chip debit card has a small microchip embedded in the card. This chip is encrypted to make the transactions on the card more secure. The Chip and PIN debit card adds more security on your card, in line with best global practice of security of transactions.

Will I be asked for my ATM PIN at every POS terminal?

For all transactions in Nepal you will be asked for a PIN. However, outside Nepal, only if the POS terminal is enabled for PIN authentication, you will be asked for PIN. You will need to enter your debit card ATM PIN and complete the transaction.

What if I have forgotten my PIN or enter an incorrect PIN?

You will be given 3 attempts to enter the correct PIN, post which your transaction will get declined. If you have forgotten your PIN, please call our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095for your support and request for a ATM PIN for your card.

I did 3 unsuccessful PIN attempts at POS terminal and transaction was declined. I remember my PIN now, can I try using the debit card at the POS or an ATM machine or is it necessary for me to get a duplicate PIN.

If you remember the PIN you can use your debit card at any POS or ATM machine after 24 hours. However, you can also call our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095 to activate your card again to start using it immediately.

Is my online transaction secure when I am not being asked for a PIN?

For online transactions you will go through the Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode channel. This itself is an additional authentication for your transactions.

What is Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode?

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode is a service that allows you to protect your online purchases through a personal secure 3D secure password.

Will I be asked for my 3D Secure password at all online merchants?

No. It will be asked only for those merchants that have enrolled for this service.

What happens if I forget my 3D Secure password?

You can re-register and create a new password by logging on to NabileSecure. If you forget your 3D Secure password when making an online purchase, you can quickly reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your 3D Secure Password” link in the payment authentication screen during the purchase.

What should I do if I have lost my Debit Card?

In case of loss of debit card, you can call our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095to immediately block your Debit Card. You can also raise a request for a new debit card which can be sent to your nearest branch.

I came across a transaction on my account using a debit card which was not attempted by me? How do I report this transaction?

Any fraudulent or disputed transaction using the debit card on your account can be reported at our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095. We will scrutinize this transaction and update you on the same.

My Debit Card is going to expire soon, should I apply for a new debit card?

We will dispatch a new debit card at your nearest branch before the expiry of your current debit card. Please do not raise a fresh request for a debit card. If you do not receive a new debit card within 10 days of expiration of your current debit card, please call your nearest branch or Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095.

My current debit card is damaged? How do I replace it?

You can visit the nearest Nabil Bank branch and request for a new debit card. The new debit card will be sent to you within 10 days from the date of request.

Is temporary block facility available on the card?

Yes. In case you want to temporarily block the card for safety purpose, you can call up our Hotline Numbers +977-1-4228538, 4226681 & Viber Helpline Services No.+977-9802002095 to block and then unblock the card.

Where can I use NabilSmart Visa Domestic Debit Card?

Your debit card is valid in Nepal and India only for use at ATMs, merchant outlets and websites in NPR and INR currencies.

Fees & Charges

Particulars Charges

Subscription Fee

NPR 2,000.00A

Annual Fee


Supplementary Card NPR 1,000.00A

Cash Advance Fee From Nabil ATM


Cash Advance Fee From Other ATMs

NPR 50.00

Cash Advance Fee From Other ATMs (India and Bhutan)

NPR 250.00

Balance Enquiry Fee From Other ATMs

NPR 50.00*

Decline Fee

NPR 100.00

Exception Listing Fee (Stop, Unblock)

NPR 300.00

Card Unblock Fee


PIN Re-issuance Fee

NPR 250.00

Uncollected Re-PIN

NPR 250.00

Card Re-issuance/ Replacement Fee

NPR 500.00

Force PIN Activation

NPR 1,000.00

Pre-Scheduled Renew & Renewal on Demand Fee

NPR 1,000.00

Uncollected Debit Cards for 1 Year

NPR 500.00

VIP Listing

NPR 1,000.00

Nabil eSecure Registration Fee

NPR 100.00

Nabil eSecure Re-registration Fee

NPR 100.00

Nabil eSecure Annual Fee

NPR 100.00

Nabil eSecure Transactions Fee

Min NPR 50 or 0.5% whichever is higher

Retrieval Request/Request for Copy Fee

NPR 500.00 per transaction

Dispute Management Fee

NPR 500.00 per transaction

1Domestic - Valid in Nepal ,India & Bhutan

*Only for balance enquiries made outside Nabil's ATM network or POS network as applicable