Friday June 18,2021

Giving back to the community

Responsibility to customers

We fulfill our social responsibility by creating and offering high value products and services with full support and adequate response mechanisms.

Responsibility to Investors and Shareholders

Promoting growth, profitability and efficiency, we work to create a sound management base that is driven to achieve sustainable growth as we work towards improved performance and increased corporate value.

Responsibility to Business Partners

We work with individuals and companies that share our work standards and ethics, building a cooperative relationship and ensuring commitment to continuous improvement and advancement.

Responsibility to Employees

We consistently work towards creating a work environment that offers equality of opportunity and ensures growth of the employees with the best possible systems and career development opportunities, and advance personal enhancement.

Responsibility to Society and Nation

We undertake and promote philanthropic activities in the core areas of environment sustainability, community engagement, creating opportunities through social investment, enabling talent within and outside of the bank and fostering creativity.