Friday June 18,2021

Women Run Micro Enterprises Loan

Women empowerment is the key to economic development of any country. Thus, in line with the objective of government of Nepal for the financial access to all the people and to increase women involvement in the economic activities, develop skills and knowledge for self employment and entrepreneurship thereby assisting in generating sustainable income and livelihood, we offer simplified women run microenterprises interest subsidized loan without collateral base. The main objective of this scheme is to develop entrepreneurial skills for sustainability, to increase production and job creation.

With a view to generate employment in the country and also to support Government’s development initiatives to enhance women’s economic opportunities, we are offering women run microenterprises loan for the following purpose:

  1. Agriculture
    • Food crops, cash crops, vegetable, fruits and medicinal herbs
    • Livestock farming
    • Irrigation and Irrigation equipment
    • Agriculture tools and equipment
    • Forest development and pasturing area development
    • Land development and land-preservation etc.
  2. Industry
    • Manual loom, Semi Automated Loom, warping, painting, printing, sewing, stitching,mat wool carpet, pashmina, wool dress, construction work, woodcraft, bamboo and nigalo made products,  natural vine made products
    • Handmade paper, gold, silver, copper, brass, iron related works, jewelry and statue making works, tea making processes related works,  ceramic and  clay pot making works, leather related works, tanning, bone, horn  rocks and stone made products production, painting, paper made materials , Dhup, dolls and other homemade businesses
  3. Service Business sectors
    • Health
    • Skill and self employment
    • Tourist
    • Communication
    • Transportation etc.
  4. Others (Value addition businesses, Information related business, Petty trading, etc as permitted by the law)

Minimum Interest Rate: 3.32% * (Base Rate + 2.00% Premium; Less Interest Subsidy 6%) Base Rate as of Ashad 2077 is 7.32%

  • Loan size                       :  up to NPR 1.5 million (Rupees Fifteen lakhs only)
  • Tenure                           : Up to 5 years
  • Repayment Mode          : On EMI Basis
  • Approval confirmation    : Within 21 working days after submission of all required documents
  • No requirement of collateral
  • No additional charges
  • Loan processing from wide range of branch networks

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Micro Enterprises run by Women Entrepreneurs
  • Minimum 18 years age and Maximum 65 Years age
  • Personnel Guarantee of the family members.

Required Document:

  • Loan Application form
  • Firm registration and PAN Certificate
  • Citizenship copy of proprietor/ Partners /promoters & guarantors
  • Photographs
  • Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) (if applicable)
  • Partnership Deed (if applicable)
  • Business Plan
  • Self declared income of the borrower.

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