Friday June 18,2021

Corporate eSewa

Corporate eSewa is the state-of-art electronic platform designed for organizations looking for efficient payment mechanism.

Enroll into Corporate eSewa for managing your funds and business payments electronically in real time, and save from enhanced operational efficiency!

Features & Benefits

  • Effect multiple direct account payments for your employees, suppliers, creditors, vendors across multiple banks in a single click.
  • Manage your funds and payments from the comfort of your office.
  • Real time gross settlement (RTGS) of funds
  • Cheque-less & convenient branchless banking
  • Available for NPR currency accounts and transactions only

Corporate eSewa is secured!

  • Works only after security digital certificates are installed in your computer
  • ‘Maker’ and ‘Checker’ give dual control on transaction authorizations
  • Transaction authorization require user passwords
  • Additional authentication with ‘One time Passwords’ (OTP) sent to users on mobile
  • Defined transaction parameters to control number and volume of transactions

How to apply?

  • A corporate current account at Nabil Bank is required
  • Duly complete enrollment form and debit authority
  • Duly signed service agreement
  • The Bank in coordination with Fonepay installs necessary applications and digital certificates users’ computers

Technical Requirements

  • Desktop/Laptop Computers with OS Windows 7 or later
  • Internet connection
  • Capability to print/save advices

Transaction Cycle


Transfer NPR 5,000.00, NPR 15,000 and NPR 25,000 in accounts maintained by persons in member Bank A, B and C respectively from your corporate account at Nabil Bank.

Lists of Member Banks (Enrolled under Corporate eSewa)

  • Ace Development Bank Limited
  • Apex Development Bank Limited
  • Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  • Business Universal Development Bank Limited
  • Citizens Bank International Limited
  • Everest Bank Limited
  • Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited
  • Garima Development Bank Limited
  • Global IME Bank Limited
  • Janata Bank Nepal Limited
  • Kaski Finance Limited
  • Kumari Bank Limited
  • Manaslu Bikas Bank Limited
  • Mega Bank Limited
  • Nabil Bank Limited
  • Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
  • Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Limited
  • NIC Asia Bank Limited
  • NMB Bank Limited
  • OM Finance Limited
  • Prabhu Bank Limited
  • Purnima Bikash Bank Limited
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited
  • Reliable Development Bank Limited
  • Sanima Bank Limited
  • Shangrila Bikas Bank Limited
  • Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
  • Supreme Development Bank Limited
  • Tinau Bikas Bank Limited
  • Tourism Development Bank Limited
  • Triveni Bikash Bank Limited
  • Yeti Development Bank Limited

Fees and Charges


Please contact your branch or Relationship Manager or Cards & e-Banking Division for more details.