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Insurance Services

Our tailored Insurance services are one of its kind bancassurance services in collaboration with major insurance companies to ensure your organization, employees and assets are covered against all possible risks at all times.

Special Features:

  • Hasslefree purchase of insurance policies for deposit and credit customers
  • Wide choice of insurance products offered by major insurance companies
  • Consultative services to assist you to select the most beneficial insurance plans
  • Convenient premium deposit mechanism through auto debit instructions so that you don't have to manage calendars for timely payment of premiums
  • Assistance in expeditious claim settlement

Life Insurance Services

  • Endowment Plan
  • Children’s plan
  • Pension Plan
  • Accidental and Health Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Periodic reimbursement plan
  • Other savings plan


  • Better rates of return on premiums for your employees and their family members
  • Forced savings to help your employees accumulate capital, meet contingent expenses in future like medical treatments, higher education of children, etc.
  • Help your employees earn tax rebates on insurance premiums
  • Auto debit facility to pay premiums from company or employees account with us to ensure timely payment of premiums.

General Insurance Services

  • Fire Insurance
  • Household Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Personal/ Group Accident insurance
  • Contractor Plant & Machinery
  • Engineering Insurance


  • Cover accidental risks of physical damages to your properties and lives of your employees
  • Create a financial cushion to absorb possible losses due to incidents such as fire, physical accidents, theft/burglary etc
  • Cover your expenses of repairing/rebuilding business or factory properties, vehicles, machineries and equipments, or medical treatments of your employees and third party victims
  • Enhance employee loyalty by purchasing special insurance plans for them and providing a safer working environment

How to Apply?


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Bancassurance?

It means selling of insurance products of select insurance companies through banks to its valued customers


2) Why to choose Nabil bank service for buying insurance policies?


    • - we offer you best suitable products analyzing your needs
    • - Unlike individual agents, we are always available for post sale service
    • - Hassle free premium payment service from the bank throughout the tenure


3) What kind of insurance policies are available?

We offer all kinds of insurance services, e.g. life insurance, Home, Vehicle, Stock, travel & Transit Insurance etc.


4) What are the basic requirements for purchasing a life insurance policy from us?

a) Bank Account

b) Income Source

c) Photo

d) ID proof


5) What are other documents that have to be submitted for purchasing a life insurance policy?

a) Insurance Company's application form

b) Standing Instruction to debit account for premium payment


6) How to decide which life insurance product is suitable?

Analyzing your needs, we offer most suited products from which you may choose the best suitable product.


7) It's heard that insurance companies' claim settlement process is very troublesome. What can Nabil offer in this regards?

Document execution & submission is the most important aspect in terms of any insurance claim. Nabil facilitates the customer for timely submission of required documents and liaise with insurance companies for early and maximum claim settlement. We act as a bridge between you and the insurer.


8) Is there any extra charge customer has to pay for availing insurance products from the Bank?

No. We are offering insurance products in line with its mission to become “1st choice provider of complete financial solution” for adding value to our banking services.

9) I need more information about your bancassurance service. Where can I get one?

We would be pleased to entertain your enquiries. Please contact us at:

Nabil Bancassurance

Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Tel: +977-1-5542891, 5520431, 5532189